High Impact Coaching

Andy Pilides MSc, PGDip, PGCert


High Impact Coaching

Everything You Need To Enhance Your Personal Training Career



Enhance, grow and gain impact with your personal training career

Over 12 weeks you will join Andy and your 'High Impact Coaching' cohort in a quest to develop your personal training business. The course covers your business model, selling your services right down to serving your ideal clients. Invest in your career and watch your review grow whilst becoming an integral figure in your industry. Let's make an impact!


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"Andy has helped me out not only as a personal trainer but as an athlete too. Coach Andy is one of the few coaches I reach out to for any type of Strength & Conditioning tips. His knowledge of coaching really takes his clients to the next level and his personality makes him great to train with. Andy and his team are always open to learning and that's why they are always moving forward!"

Diren Kartal Founder NeatUp247

You learn something every day if you pay attention

Ray Leblond


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