High Impact Coaching

Chances are if you have got this far...

It's highly likely that you're passionate about your career as a personal trainer. 

Whether newly qualified to the industry or a seasoned 'fitpro' looking for a bit of guidance and inspo', the 'High Impact Coaching' mentorship program is for you!


High Impact Coaching Is For:

  • Passionate individuals who are willing to learn and apply the tools provided in the mentorship program.

  • Personal trainers that are comfortable getting uncomfortable in the quest for self-improvement (there will be times throughout the course that this may happen!)

  • Driven coaches with a sky's the limit attitude for success.

  • A thirst for coaching - after all this is what we are about.

  • Overwhelmed personal trainers looking for clarity and direction.


High Impact Coaching Is Not For:

  • Coaches with massive egos - This is a team game!

  • Time wasters - We are here to make a high impact!

  • Personal trainers who think it's all about them over the clients they serve.

  • Personal trainers who don't value their growth and education.

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Clarity Assessment

Initially, we will perform a 60 min assessment to clarify who you are, what stage of your career you're at, and how your coaching business is set up.


Action Planning

Next, we will develop a bespoke action plan to help you drive your coaching business forward. We will look at your model, ways to scale, who you're serving and what they look like, how to communicate with them, and develop your coaching so you can constantly produce and showcase your results.


Coaching Group

Weekly group coaching sessions where topics are discussed as a team. We will focus on areas around client coaching, program design, tools, apps, and utilities that I have used within my business and group anatomy & physiology sessions. The group coaching is geared towards the cohort growing each other.


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