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Understanding People

Updated: May 12, 2020

As a coach, I believe that you should study people as much as you study the area you're coaching. After all, to be effective we need to work with others and to get results we have to understand people.

Keep this in mind:  When everyone is happy they pull in the same direction. End of the day everyone benefits, you should want the best out of the people you coach and you should want to help and support them as best you can. This is why you need to understand the people you are working with! Below are 16 statements to consider:

  1. There is nobody on the planet whose personal experiences and makeup don't shape their behaviours

  2. Just because you personally don't like something doesn't mean it is necessarily wrong

  3. Make your words concise, clear and to the point when coaching. Don't beat around the bush you'll confuse people! 

  4. They have to live it for themselves, you can't do it for them!

  5. If you look like you are expecting a fight you'll end up getting one - Body language!

  6. Its common to think you made a mistake, then realize you were actually spot on!

  7. Your own happiness comes first - How can you contribute if not?

  8. Thank yous are the best way to pray. Giving more than a thank you is even better - appreciate!

  9. If you ignore the context its hard to understand why people do what they do

  10. You can't expect them to magic themselves into a different person just because it doesn't suit you!

  11. Telling people what to do can backfire

  12. Maybe deep down they are feeling small and anxious

  13. People with nothing to prove don't try to impress

  14. Every relationship is unique

  15. Don't assume the emotion you see is the actual one

  16. Sometimes the only solution is to change the whole. This is because a square peg will always be a square peg!


Learn about the people you coach

Take interest

Find who you are willing to help

Go and coach

"You Learn Something New Everyday If You Pay Attention!" - Ray Leblond

Stay Strong Andy Pilides

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