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3 Tips To Grow Your Diary!

Updated: May 12, 2020

The secret to growing your personal training diary is not to sell your services using offers and deals but rather prove you're worth it!

Below are 3 ways to get your value across:

  1. Learn To Copy-write - If you don't know this already, this is the process of creating content for public use. Traditionally this would be in the form of text however in this day and age video usage has become far more effective as a source of communication. Use copywriting to get your worth across, offer tips, communicate your style, philosophy, and methods but make sure you are ultimately consistent. People will begin to reach out to you and you will be able to execute the sell of your services easier. Copywriting is a great means of soft selling.

  2. Hand-Pick Some Clients & Offer Frequency - From your current diary hand-pick some clients and offer them extra sessions free of charge. Use this as an investment in your business growth. Your opportunity for attaining results has increased as you will now be able to train them more frequently. Be smart in who you select, you don't want any time wasters and make sure you make it clear from the beginning the free sessions are in exchange for testimonials, documented journies and them referring your services. In my opinion, this is a fantastic use of your time far greater than spending time scrolling through Google AdWords. It is a sure way to also make people listen to your copywriting content as they will start seeing the 3rd party referrals your attaining and the results your gaining. Note; if you don't have any clients, seek selective friends and family who can help you out. 

  3. Public Speaking - I'm a huge believer in if you want to receive you have to give! Public speaking is a sure fire way to get your expertise across to the masses. Similar to copywriting however with the added benefit of being in front of people in real time. Offer your time to the local community, try to do this 1 time a month. Networking is important and your ability to overcome your fears and speak about how you can add value and help is ultimately a step you need to take. 


Don't waste your hard earned cash on marketing - Well not just yet anyway, it only works when you have significant credibility in the market place!

Begin creating content.

Begin getting results - Get them out there it's very important!

Speak more, don't be afraid.

"You Lean Something New Everyday If You Pay Attention!" Ray Leblond

Stay Strong Andy Pilides

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